Home/facility-visit services, if live within 30-mile diameter ($75 flat-fee per incident)
  • Run Diagnostic test all the way to the BIOS level.

  • Fix and if it’s needed, will replace hardware problem, provided that customer will pay for the replacement.

  • Test setup / configuration on personal router / firewall.

  • Upgrade the o/s of the router/firewall if available.

  • Tune-up, clean, defrag all hard-drive(s)

  • Optimize your systems

  • Kill viruses, spyware, malware, worms, botnets, etc.

  • Detect / remove key-loggers software installed on the systems

  • Check setup and reset the configuration on the anti-x software

  • Check with Microsoft security and perform hot-fixes updates.

  • If we cannot fix the problems, we'll refund the money back, 100%, right away.

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