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  Q: Why NTDS?

A: Although there are many places in Kansas City Metro area that can provide the same trainings, more or less, none of them could provide the training with a step-by-step, from A to Z fashion, from nothing to professional level. In fact, none of the training in the whole country would provide such training.

Further, there is none would give the students the time to practice over and over again until they could master the techniques. All of the training centers just push the students through the lab only once due to the time and / or money constrains. In fact, nowadays most of the courses’ format is in a-week course and that include lectures and labs.

Not only that, you will get a chance at NTDS to have several servers to perform the labs which are both in physical and virtual.

Take the Active Directory W2k3 and/or W2k8 classes as example, you will get to perform the labs on at least 5 domain controllers; 3 of which will be treated as the domain controllers at the main office, and the remaining two will be treated as the domain controllers at 2 branch offices. Based on those 5 domain controllers at 3 different locations, you will learn how to (1) build servers and promoting them to the domain controllers; (3) place all of these domain controllers at different locations and be able to control the network topology, replication, etc…. as far as the Active Directory, Active Directory-Integrated DNS, GPOs, etc. are concerned.

Q: Do you have real-world labs for us – as students, and how often can we perform those labs?

A: You do. In fact, all the labs are real-world labs, and you will be forced to perform each of those labs at least 5 times or more until you could master the techniques. There is no point to move forward while you are stuck at the previous section. Further, at the end of each class you will also be forced to perform all the labs from the start.

Take the Active W2k3 and/or W2k8 Active Directory classes as example, after building and configuring each domain controller and placing them at 3 locations, at the end of the class you will be force to wipe them all out and rebuilding everything from the start. That just to make sure you have mastered the technique how to build the whole Active Directory network.

Q: Are servers virtual or physical?

A: For the lab purposes, all the servers are virtual so you can access to all of them from your screen via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). 99% of all servers out there in real-world are virtual anyway. However, in order to get you familiar with physical servers, you will be learning how to build / install the server operating system on physical servers as well. That includes how to build RAID-1, RAID-5 and hot-spares, etc…

By the way, those physical servers are Dell and HP, which are the most popular server branches on the market.

Q: Will we learn how to create users / groups?

A: You will be forced to create a ton of users and/or groups. Further, you will be forced to setup Access Control List (ACL) on File / Print servers based on those groups. Moreover, in order to mimic what most of professional system engineers out there have been doing for years, you will be learning how to create a ton of users and groups by scripting as well.

Q: Will we learn how to create Group Policy Objects (GPOs)?

A: You will be forced to create and modify GPOs. In fact, you will also be learning how to create a customized GPOs, which are not provided by Microsoft.

Q: Can you give us – as students – a brief list of what we will be learning in any Active Directory classes?

A: Here you go - You will build

The first Domain Controller:
• Install and configure Windows server
• More configurations, which also includes BGInfo, and perform patching.
• Promote the Windows server to Domain Controller with Active Directory-Integrated DNS
• Configure more, especially the Active Directory-Integrated DNS.
• Check the logs.
• Create users and groups manually.
• Create users and groups by using Excel and a script.
• Create several Organizational Units (OUs), and placing users and groups into them.
• Create many GPOs for these OUs, and applying them to certain groups.
• Create profile and logon scripts
• Install / configure a W7 desktop and join it to the domain. After that, test the GPOs and logon script.

The additional Domain Controllers:
• Install and configure another Windows servers
• Join them to the existing domain.
• Promote them to the additional domain controllers with Active Directory-Integrated DNS
• Distribute the FSMOs around by using GUI and command lines.
• Making sure 3 domain controllers to be placed at one site / location and name that site Headquarter, and 4 other domain controllers to be placed at 2 other sites / locations, and name those sites Branch Office 1 and Branch Office 1.
• Configure more, especially the Active Directory-Integrated DNS and Site Replications
• Check the logs.
• Create GPOs for the Sites.
• Install / configure a W7 desktop and join it to the domain. After that, test the GPOs and logon script.

The File / Print Server:

• Simple File / Print Server.
• Setup ACL on them
• Also build Distributed File Systems (2 or more File servers) and setup the replication points

The WSUS Server and Caching-Only Server
Just to name a few …

Q: What are the prerequisites before we can enroll in any Active Directory classes?

A: Good knowledge on how to use the computers. Besides, you should have learned how to subnet, how to the TCP/IP works, how to build W7 and Windows server.

Q: If we don’t have those, where can we get that knowledge?

A: We’ll screen you first, and if the situation is warranted, we’ll provide those classes for you.

Q: NTDS will also provide Exchange 2k10 training? What is the prerequisite before we can enroll in this class?

A: You have to know W2k8 Active Directory very, very good before you can enroll in those Exchange 2k10, SCCM, SCOM, etc. classes.

Q: How many servers will we have?

A: It depends on the classes … Take Windows Active Directory class as an example; you will build at least 7 Windows servers and at least 2 W7 desktops.

Q: I have heard that Microsoft also provides free virtual server download?

A: Yes. We will not use this version in the class. We will use Hyper-V instead. However, we’ll show you how to download, install and configure 3 virtual servers on your own desktop, provided that you have a very decent desktop, so that you can take it home and practice more at your own time.

Do not get us wrong, you will have ample time to practice. In fact, you will be force to build and rebuild every single lab at least 5 times or until you have mastered the techniques 

Q: How the lectures are given?

A: Everyone will get (a) text books with a lot of screen-shots and step-by-step techniques. Further, everyone will get a video clips on every single step so that you can learn from more than one resource. On the top of that, the NTDS instructor(s) will show you how to do everything many times all over again, and many more if so requested. The first time is just for you to have a feel; the second time is to show you along while you perform the labs

Q: Is it ok if we don’t get it the first time?

A: If you get it the first time then it’s great; however, it’s rare for someone to grasp everything after the first shot. Besides, that is why you are here to learn, and we are proud to teach you the way that no one else would teach, that is, a step-by-step / hands-on / repetition until you have mastered the techniques.

Q: What do you mean by forcing us to perform each lab so many times?

A: We do care for our students, but we love our reputation, therefore, we want to make sure once you have completed any class, you will master all the materials and labs within that class. One way to make sure that would happen is to having everyone to repeat the labs multiple times so that you can do while asleep, so to speak.

Q: I have heard that you guarantee your classes. Is it true and how?

A: We guarantee that we will teach you from A to Z in a step-by-step manner, and having you to perform all the labs repeatedly. We also guarantee that the techniques we show you on those labs are the techniques the professional system engineers out there doing. We also guarantee that if you get a job which requires you to perform those tasks, you will be able to perform it right the first time. Hopefully, you will be able to perform those tasks in lightning speed because you have got used to by perform those tasks repeatedly in our school.

Q: Do we guarantee us getting a job?

A: Nowadays, with this kind of economy, no one could guarantee that. However, we would guarantee if you get a job, requiring you to perform those tasks, you will be able to do so with ease.

Q: Do we guarantee us passing Microsoft MCITP exams?

A: No. Please note that we teach you how to do the jobs as professional system engineers are doing, not passing the test, which is a totally different subject. However, we can point you to some other resources which help you to pass the test. Transcender is one of the best resources out there. If everyone would buy the copy then we should get a discount.

Q: Can we get Microsoft W2k3 and/or W2k8 media for free?

A: No, all of these are being licensed from Microsoft. We are not in liberty to share, or even resell. However, you can download all of these (full version) software from Microsoft website and use them for 120-day for free.

Q: Other places would charge us $8k to $9k for all W2k8 MCITP courses and each course last about a week? How much would NTDS you charge us?

A: $5,500 for all MCITP courses, and each course would last way more than 2 weeks with a lot more labs. Further, you – as the students – get to perform all the labs yourself, and perform them repeatedly.

Q: How many students in the MCITP program?

A: It got to be 4. No more, no less.

Q: How often do we go to each class?

A: You can enroll in the morning session or the afternoon session. Each session has class from Monday to Thursday and there are 3 and hours per session.

Q: Do we have extra lab times?

A: If requested, there will be 4-hour session on Sunday for anyone who wishes to perform their labs all over again.

Q: How do we enroll?

A: Send an email with your name and phone number to tam@ntds.biz and Tam will explain everything to you. If the situation is warranted, Tam will have you to come in and test you on the basic computer knowledge and usage.




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