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Microsoft platform:

We design, implement and manage Windows 2k8-R2, 2k12-R2 and 2k16 forests / domains from the ground up and/or upgrading from one version to the other; help install and configure Active Directory, Site-Replication, Group Policies at all levels, Logon-Scripts, Encryptions, Domain Security, Active Directory-Integrated DNS, Primary and Secondary DNS, Caching-Only DNS, DHCP, Distributed File System, Group Managed Service Accounts, and Local Admin Password Solution, ADFS, ADLS ,Identity Manager, SCCM, IIS, Hyper-V (Microsoft virtualization technology), VMware, SharePoint Portal, Altiris, Back-up, Online Backup and Online Restore, including the backup with bare metal restoration. Deploy numbers of desktops with applications and anti-x, …, just to name a few.

Provide network supports / maintenance, including desktops on-site or remotely. 
Linux platform:
     Design & Implement Red Hat, SUSE, Ubuntu servers, desktops / laptops, Firewall,DNS, Mail, and File
Cisco platform:
  Routers, Switches, Firewall, Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Upgrading the IOS, Access-Control-List, vLan.


Network Security:


Vulnerability-Scans and Compliance Scans from inside and outside, Penetration-tests (Pen-Test) - a sweep-through Pen-Test that is second to none, including email forgery, spoofing IP, and 0-day searches-and-destroy.

Provide all backup solutions, from disk-to-tape, disk-to-disk, image compressions, backup and
    restore online, remotely with hardware-independent platform.



Coming soon: http://www.network4dummies.com

Self-Study: Train Microsoft/Linux/Cisco CCNA from the ground up with how-to articles and video-clips with a step-by-step fashion, one-level-at-a-time, from the very basic to advanced levels.


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