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There are literally thousands of network consulting firms out there that offer the same services as we do - at least on the surface - but there are just a few that actually have trained professionals on staff to delivering those service; the remaining ones usually turn around and sub-contract those services to someone else instead, and pray for the best.  The consulting firms who can actually deliver the services themselves usually charge their customers too much, and usually can’t deliver those services in a timely manner and/or have their customers’ interests at heart.

We are different!

We have a group of network professionals on staff who can train and also can perform the tasks right at the first time, guaranteed, at a lightning speed. No excuses!

We specialize in network design and implementation from the ground up for Microsoft and Linux platforms, as well as Cisco routers, switched, firewall, intrusion detection system, network security vulnerability scanning / pen-test, servers and desktop deployment for small and mid-size businesses. 

We also specialize in network supports / maintenance either remotely, or on-site, for the businesses that do not have full-time IT staff in house.  Our response time is within 15-minute for all of our clients - who have signed a 6-month contract with us, or 30-minute response time for the others.



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